Your Swimming Teacher

The chief swimming instructor is Mrs. Veronica [Roni] Kelly a former physical Education Specialist who will be delighted to chat to you on the telephone, answer your questions and dispel any worries.

Veronica Kelly B.A.
A.I.S.T. – A.S.A. Teacher
Swimming Therapy Teacher.

Roni Kelly - your swimming instructor

About your swimming teacher

Roni has many years experience of teaching adults of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities (including special needs) to swim, using patience and understanding. There is no pressure and pupils progress at their own speed. When sufficient progress has been made, partners / friends / carers / family members are often encouraged to join in so that the pupil can get extra practice and gain confidence. This also means that the pupil, on leaving Tŷ Hen, will hopefully have sympathetic and knowledgeable support to continue their progress.

About the swimming pool

The pool is maintained at 84 degrees (F). The shallow end is 0.75 metres deep and gradually going to 2 metres at the other end. Dimensions of 17 metres by 15 metres allows plenty of room for both tuition and practice, but the pool is not intimidating and we aim to get every pupil happy to play in the water, jump in and even dive.