Private swimming lessons in west Wales
It’s best to learn to swim when you’re young …
Learn to swim west Wales
But it’s never too late!
Learn to swim with no spectators
Have the pool to yourself with no spectators

We specialise in teaching the nervous and the “left it late” adult to learn to swim. Just you, the teacher and NO spectators.

Surprise yourself, your family and friends with our one to one system for learning to swim tailored to your specific needs:

  1. teacher in the water with you
  2. keep your hair dry!
  3. no spectators
  4. offered as a residential or non residential course

Most of our pupils will have made several previous attempts to learn to swim and many will have had unpleasant experiences. It is our function to help these people and we rarely fail. There is no coercion just encouragement and patience (and possibly 40+ years worth of skill and experience!)

Many adults come to realise that they are missing a lot by their inability to swim. On holiday, for example, grand children are off to the pool or sea, leaving the ‘oldies’ envious of their skills and obvious enjoyment. Water based activities such as sailing, canoeing and even fishing are limited. Both Roni and Mike have enjoyed snorkelling and scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef and Fiji, and will enthuse at length in encouraging the learner to achieve similar if less ambitious aims.

An awareness of the health benefits of swimming and referrals from doctors produce a steady number of pupils and most physical conditions can be catered for.

The number of swimming lessons varies but four or five is the norm, each lasting about 45 minutes to an hour and spread over a period of three or four days. By this time it is usual for the learner to be happy to be joined by other people to be in the swimming pool. Each individual lesson costs £38.50 and the number of lessons required is up to the student to decide as they progress.

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